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Investing in digital infrastructure and connectivity: more than 5G

Friday 15th January 2021 | 14:00 GMT

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Every day, more of our lives move online. We work, shop, learn, connect and share more in the virtual world with every passing year and on-going pandemic has only accelerated that migration. New technologies are driving incremental data creation, more data is driving the creation of more apps and this leads to further data consumption.

This virtuous spiral of connectivity and use is driving exponential growth which is leading to more infrastructure buildout to support this growth.

In this webinar we explore:

The 5G revolution and beyond
How the rollout of 5G, cloud, internet of things and other disruptive tech will continue to accelerate the trend towards further digitalisation and virtual communication.

An introduction to the infrastructure that makes the internet a reality.


Prof. Christopher Versace
Chief Investment Officer, Thematic Strategist & co-founder, Tematica Research 

Mark Abssy
Head of Indexing, Tematica Research


Lenore Hawkins
Global Macro Strategist, Tematica Research


George Littlejohn
Senior Advisor, CISI

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