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CISI Scotland CPD & Networking:

Is ‘ESG’ outdated? New approaches to sustainable investing

The hottest phrase, or acronym, in finance in recent years has been ESG: environmental, social and governance. A growing number of assets are now under the ESG umbrella and many large investors have ESG mandates.

However, 2022 has seen something of backlash against the concept. We've seen Elon Musk lash out after Tesla, the world's biggest EV maker, was excluded form an ESG index, while scepticism around the term has led to accusations of "greenwashing". Meanwhile, German authorities have raided asset managers for allegedly mislabelling ESG funds. The Economist magazine went so far as to call ESG "three letters that won’t save the planet".



October 4th, 2022 16.30 - 19.30 BST The Library of Mistakes, 33a Melville Street Lane, Edinburgh, EH3 7QB

In this exclusive event we will cover:

What is the future of ESG?

Does the ESG approach to investing still have legitimacy?

Should environmentally concerned investors consider a different approach?

Does the energy crisis increase our need for true ESG solutions?

Following the CPD presentations, we invite you to stay on for drinks and nibbles.  



Russell Napier, Co-Founder of ERIC Electronic Research Interchange and Author, "The Solid Ground"

Manooj Mistry, COO of HANetf

Gabriela Herculano, CEO of iClima Earth

Bill Kelly, President and CEO, Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts Association

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, Chartered FCSI (Hon), Executive Chairman, Z/Yen

John Ciampaglia, CEO of Sprott Asset Management

Victoria Hogg, Chair of Scotland Rugby League

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